AATWIN organized a sharing program on Human Trafficking and Transportation: 5 years Comparative Media Analysis on April 13, 2018 in Kathmandu. The analysis was based on the news and articles on trafficking published in print media from 2069 BS to 2073 BS to understand the changing dimension and emerging trends in human trafficking. For this, the seven national daily newspapers were chosen as samples.

Mr Bijay Paudel, senior journalist presented the findings and review of analysis. According to him, while analysing the emerging trend of human trafficking and transportation, human smuggling and unsafe migration during the process of foreign employment has aggravated the issues of trafficking and has increased the challenges to combat it. Most of the news published related to trafficking are incident based and lacks in-depth investigation and research.

AATWIN believes that the analysis would help in influencing the amendment of the child rights, anti-trafficking and other relevant acts and policies including SDGs action plan for addressing trafficking and vulnerabilities as well as build capacity for advocacy against and combating trafficking