"Information is power" is one of the famous proverbs in modern days. The proverb is sufficient to show the importance of the documentation and dissemination of information. It is not easy to get information on Trafficking and related issues. Movement based network like AATWIN has further feel the importance of information and Resource Centre. AATWIN has been giving high priority for the documentation of the information in the human trafficking issue form the very beginning. To gather, update, and disseminate the information for the network members and stakeholders the AATWIN Resource Centre was started in 2004. The resource centre share and disseminate the information, important policies and documents of national and international importance to the member organization and stakeholders.

  1. To collect documents and information on human trafficking and related issues through various means.
  2. To collect and compile news clippings, articles and other information on trafficking and related issues. 
  3. To set-up an audio-visual documentation.
  4. To disseminate information on trafficking and related issues to member organization and stake holders.
  5. To play the role of national Resource Centre on the human trafficking. 

Target Groups

The users of AATWIN Resource Centre are mainly member organizations, researchers, students, journalists, teachers, community/development workers, child rights/human rights activist, writers and stake holders.

  1. Networking for Information collection in national and international level.
  2. Updates the news and articles cutting and compile in form of book.
  3. Collect the resource materials for Resource Centre on exchange or complimentary basis or according to necessity purchase.
  4. Develop and disseminate fact sheets
  5. Update the AATWIN Website 

AATWIN Resource Centre has collection of books, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, booklets/pamphlets, organizational reports, organizational brochures, survey-studies/research reports, seminar-workshop proceedings, case profiles of children, statistics, articles, posters, photographs and audio-visuals. 
Subject Areas Covered

  1. Trafficking in women and children
  2. Violence against women
  3. Women health
  4. Women issues
  5. Child issues
  6. Human right
  7. Gender 
  8. Law
  9. Development issues
  10. AATWIN activities
  11. AATWIN publications
  12. AATWIN member's publication 

News clippings

  1. Human Trafficking
  2. Violence against women 
  3. Human right issues
  4. Women issues
  5. Child issues