Advocacy Campaign against Human Trafficking

Analyzing the trafficking issue from the perspective of human rights, AATWIN has been designing and carrying out advocacy programs for revision and reformulation of policy, rules & regulations and laws. Campaigns, lobbying, meetings, discussions, workshops are the major activities for the advocacy program.

Network Building

Networking is essential and important to combat the problem. Thus AATWIN has been giving high priority in building networks nationally and internationally. In the country, it has been extended its network up to the district level. Where as in the regional and international level with GAATW, RESISTENCE, SANFEC etc.

AATWIN Resource Center

AATWIN’s resource centre holds substantial and ever increasing collection of materials on issue related to human trafficking, human rights and women. The collection includes books, reports, research studies, papers, newspaper’s clippings compilation, journals, official documents, magazines, films, a Video/audio tapes, posters, booklets, photographs, articles, brochures and other materials. The resource centre share and disseminate the information, important policies and documents of national and international importance to the member organization and stake holders.

Conceptual Clarity Initiatives

As a preventive approach, conceptual clarity workshops and other activities are carried out among the member organizations as well as grass root to national/international level.