There is a provision that AATWIN's Secretariat will be shifted to the coordinator organization which rotates in each two years time. But considering the various technical problems, the Secretariat has been running separately from 2001. The following organizations have been coordinators of the network.

S. No. Organisation Person Year
1. WOREC   Dr. Renu Rajbhandari 1997-1998
2. CWIN  Ms. Sandhya Shrestha 1999-2000
3.  MANK   Ms. Bhagwati Nepal 2001-2002
4.  INSEC  Ms. Indira Phuyal 2003-2004
5. WOSCC  Ms. Bishnu Ojha 2005-2006
6. GMSP   Ms. Devi Adhikari 2007-2008
7. Shakti Samuha Ms. Sunita Danuwar 2009-2010